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Wentworth Fisheries

Monday, February 8th, 2010

For full details of Wentworth Fisheries please visit the official web site

Morley Pond at Night

Morley Pond at Night

Specialist carp water – 12 acre carp fishery in an idyllic setting with a good stock of Doubles, Twenties & six confirmed 30lb+ carp. Only a limited number of Treble Rod Permits available. Further details are available from the Estate Office, contact details below.

Mill Dam

View over Mill Dam

One of Yorkshire’s premier fisheries offering superb angling in beautiful surroundings. There are 3 Lakes:

  • Mill Dam – 13 acre – good stock of coarse fish & carp
  • Dog Kennel – 17 acre – largest of the three – good stock of coarse fish & carp
  • Morley Pond – 12 acre – 6 confirmed 30lb+ & parking facility

Quality fish to specimen sizes: Perch 4lb+; Tench 6lb+; Roach 3lb+; Bream 7lb+

Dog Kennel Pond

View over Dog Kennel Pond

Excellent access just off the B6089 Barnsley-Rotherham road. Ample Parking; disabled anglers welcome. Seasonal permits available from the Estate Office, Wentworth.

Permits can be purchased from estate office from late March.

Morley Pond

View over Morley Pond

Personal applications by attendance to the Estate Office (valid card required with cheque payments), postal applications must be marked “Wentworth Fishery”, cheques made payable to “The Fitzwilliam Wentworth Amenity Trust” & stamped addressed envelope enclosed.

The Estate Office
Clayfields Lane
S62 7TD

Tel: (01226) 742041

Personal visits Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm only

Or please contact by email

Wentworth Youth Theatre

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Full details on the Wentworth Youth Theatre are on their website here.

The next Wentworth Youth Theatre production is a story is based on the plight of young orphans who were sent out from orphanages in Britain to live and work in Australia. It is a moving and personal tale which was first performed by Wentworth Youth Theatre in 2007 and one which has recently been in the headlines with the recent apology by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for the for years of abuse and pain suffered by thousands of children sent to Australia from Britain.

The musical is called ‘Echoes’ and focuses on one young girl, Mo and follows her emotional and powerful journey as a young girl of 8 from Britain to Australia and her ultimate reunion with her mother back in Britain in 1968.

The exact dates and times have yet to be confirmed but it is hoped that the show will be performed in ‘The Mechanics’ Wentworth around the 22nd and 23rd of March 2010 and at Montgomery Hall in Wath on the 25th and 26th of March. The show will also be performed as part of the Sheffield Festival of Music and Drama at a theatre in Sheffield in late June / early July 2010.

Wentworth Partnership News

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Latest Wentworth Partnership Minutes

An archive of old Wentworth Partnership minutes are available on our archive site here.

Wentworth Survey Public Meeting

The Wentworth Partnership (incorporating Wentworth Parish Council, Wentworth Village Community Association and Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estates) held a public meeting on Monday, 29th April 2002 to present the results of the recent Village Appraisal survey. This survey was sent out to all households in the village to determine their views on the future development of Wentworth village and received an excellent 75% response (357 replies from 169 households). The meeting was arranged to present the results of the survey and to explore ways of taking things forward.

Meeting Report

The meeting was opened by David Hunton (Chairman of the Wentworth Partnership and Wentworth Parish Council) who outlined the agenda and introduced the various speakers, committee members and Wentworth North Area Assembly representatives who were present.

Mr. Guy Canby of Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates then gave the keynote speech on behalf of the Estate. He emphasised the strengths of Wentworth as a village and mentioned that the Estate currently has 150 applications for housing in the area, with many applicants citing community spirit as being one of the main attractions of the area.

Mr. Canby went on to stress the importance of community involvement in determining the future of the village. He recognised that problems such as those stemming from the the increased use of private cars, crime and disputes between neighbours had to be addressed and that there was clearly a need to adapt, review and move forward. He recognised that finances were now available via the Wentworth Partnership to help achieve change, but that the views and involvement of residents were important. He concluded by saying that the community trustees would look carefully at the results of the consultation process to see what could be done in support.

Survey Results

Colette Williams and Jill Ratcliffe of the Wentworth North Area Assembly then presented the results of the village appraisal. We have adapted the presentation for the web, click on the link below to view it:-

Wentworth Survey Results Presentation

Many thanks to Jill for providing the presentation.

A brief summary of the survey has been distributed to households in Wentworth. Some interesting highlights include:-

  • The population of the village consists of households containing an average of only 2.1 people and most people are in the 25-60 age group. There are very few young people.
  • The majority of people are not in favour of public toilets but are very keen on toilets for dogs.
  • There is considerable concern over traffic levels and requests for better public transport to relieve these, however at present very few people use public transport.
  • Almost everyone is in favour of the existence of the church for various reasons, but 70% of the community do not use it.
  • People would like more local information, and rely on the Wentworth In Focus magazine or the local noticeboard for news (clearly not many people have web access!- Ed.)
  • 42% of people want more jobs in the Wentworth area, but very few people are in favour of creating these jobs via Tourism, Small Businesses or Industrial Workshops. There is a distinct dislike for anything new or modern , but a keen demand for preserving and maintaining the existing environment.
  • Following the presentation, Colette Williams suggested ways in which the Wentworth Partnership could build on the survey in order to bring about positive change. She suggested that the Wentworth Partnership AGM may be a good starting point and urged all those present to attend. She also suggested that the Area Assembly may be able to finance a Community Planning Day for Wentworth. This would be an event for the whole community involving a range of local government organisations which would offer individuals the chance to make specific proposals for change.

Question and Answer Session

The audience were invited to ask questions on matters arising from the survey. Some of the points raised included:

  • There was widespread support for measures to tackle traffic problems in the village. Councillor Hodgkiss (Chairman of Wentworth North Area Assembly) agreed that this problem had been recognised, but that it was not possible to put traffic calming measures in place due to objections from the police, who see Wentworth as emergency diversionary route for the M1! Colette Williams suggested that with sufficient public support (backed by the opinions expressed in the survey) it may be possible to change the police decision on this.
  • The issue of dog waste bins on Back Lane/Main Street was raised.
  • The credibility of the Wentworth Partnership within the local authority was questioned. For example, the views of the survey seem to be at odds with Rotherham MBC’s promotion of the Wentworth area as a tourist destination. Colette Williams said that the council have now been charged by government with the task of consulting communities and that community views must therefore be taken seriously.
  • Examples of specific ways in which other Community Partnerships have influenced council decisions were sought. Very few concrete examples were forthcoming as most partnerships are still at an early stage, however the refurbishment of the Montgomery Hall was cited as one example of success of the local partnership in Wath.


It was agreed to continue discussions at the forthcoming Wentworth Partnership AGM. Whilst it was stressed that the views of the village residents were paramount, it was suggested that it might also be useful to seek the views of local business and of visitors to the area.

David Hunton closed the meeting and thanked everyone present for coming.

Raffle Draw

As an incentive, everyone completing a questionnaire was given a raffle ticket. The winner was Green ticket No. 14.

Wentworth Partnership AGM

The date of this is yet to be announced. Watch this space for details.

Wentworth Village Community Association

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

We no longer hold any up to date information about The Wentworth Village Community Association.

Wentworth Parish Council

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Parish Councillors at their meeting on 17th December, 2001.

Wentworth Parish Council now has its own web site.

Please visit the official Parish Council site for full details

Wentworth Parish is one of the largest rural parishes in Rotherham. It covers the communities of Wentworth, Harley, Nether Haugh and Barley Hole and has a population of approximately 1300 people. Agricultural fields surround the Parish and because of the area’s strong connection with the Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates and Wentworth Woodhouse the area has become a honey pot for tourists.

Wentworth Parish Council exists by statute to represent the parishioners’ interests. It should not be confused with the Parochial Church Council, which is linked to church affairs.

As a body the Parish Council contributes to the protection and improvement of the parish environment and keeps a constant eye on activity that could operate against the interests of the parish and it’s parishioners e.g. planning applications, traffic matters etc.

Wentworth Women’s Institute

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Photo of members on our 1940s night

Wentworth Womens Institute meet every second Thursday in the month at The Mechanics Institute, Wentworth from 7.15pm.

Cost £39.00 for a 12 month subscription (includes 8 WI Life magazines), or £3.00 per visit which includes refreshments (3 visits allowed in 12 months).

Gentlemen are very welcome to attend any meeting or go on any outing they might find interesting.

Refreshments are served at the end of each meeting. Outings and theatre visits are organised plus other social evenings.

For further details of any events contact Jennifer Brunskill at

Programme for 2017


Speaker & Subject

Thursday 12 January Mel Marshall – Befriending Service
Thursday 9 February Hugh Parkin – Vanished Hamlet of Levitt
Thursday 9 March Tracy Simmons – Mobility Issues
Thursday 13 April David Bell – Plague Doctor
Thursday 11 May Resolutions Discussion followed by Members’ Night
Thursday 8 June Dave Wright – Gilbert and Sullivan
Thursday 22 June Trip to Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley
Thursday 13 July John Gillegham – Yorkshire Dales
Thursday 10 August Beetle Drive followed by cakes
Monday 14 August Trip to Denman College in Oxfordshire
Thursday 14 September Alan Ryder – The Red Cross
Thursday 12 October AGM and Quiz followed by Pie and Peas
Thursday 9 November Michael Davidson-Paine – What the Butler Saw!
Thursday 14 December Christmas Celebration

Our annual outing is on Monday 14 August and we are going to Denman College in Oxfordshire. We propose to go to the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat on Thursday 22 June.

All About the WI

Wentworth WI was formed in 1985 and is part of the South Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes (SYFWI) and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI). In 2016 Wentworth had 36 members. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Mechanics Institute, Main Street, Wentworth at 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm prompt start. Visitors are always welcome.

ACTIVITIES – The Committee organises various functions during the year, which include outings, theatre trips and social evenings. We join in village activities and usually have a stall at any local charity fair to raise funds. Our ongoing Millennium Project is collecting litter, planting spring bulbs and keeping the footpaths clear in the Memorial Wood. We sited a litterbin on the back lane near the gate leading on to Hague Lane, which is emptied by local members.

MEETINGS – The main part of the evening is a talk or demonstration (sometimes with hands on experience) preceded by some brief WI business. Members, on a rota basis, serve tea or coffee and biscuits.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – for 2017 are £39.00. This is shared between Wentworth WI, SYFWI and NFWI.

THE ROCKLEY GROUP – Wentworth WI belongs to this Group which is made up of five other local WIs. The Group is run by each WI on a 2 yearly basis and this is currently Wath. It arranges a number of social events during the year and each WI takes it in turn to organise the annual Group Rally, which in 2017 is to be organised by Chapeltown on Saturday 24 June in the Community Centre at Grenoside.
During 2015 to celebrate the centenary of the WI, the Rockley Group planted five mountain ash trees in Elsecar Park and in 2016 we placed a commemorative seat near the trees.

SYFWI – Acts as an umbrella for all the WIs in South Yorkshire. Dorothy Meekins is the Federation Chairman and Kirsty Bowser the Federation Secretary, they are based at the local office at Hall Cross Cottage, 5, Albion Place, Doncaster, DN1 2EG. Telephone 01302 325829. Email
Office hours Tues and Wed 11 am – 3 pm. Within SYFWI there are several committees that arrange events and activities to cater for the needs and interests of members.

NFWI is an even bigger umbrella for all the WIs in England and Wales. Their office is in London, Tel: number 0207 371 9300 Email Web site:

RESOLUTIONS – on social and topical matters, submitted by individual WIs in England and Wales are selected and discussed thoroughly at all levels. If carried at the national annual meeting, they empower the WI to influence local or national policy making.

DENMAN COLLEGE – is the WI’s own residential college near Oxford. Rockley Group and Wentworth WI have bursaries for which members can apply. They can choose a course from a very wide variety of different subjects from the college programme. Denman College is now open for holidays for members and non-members.

ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) is a worldwide organisation to which the NFWI belongs. Each WI donates small amounts to ACWW (coins for friendship collection box out at each meeting) and this money is used to help under privileged women in third world countries.

WI PUBLICATIONS – These include News ‘n’ Views – SYFWI monthly newsletter. WI Life is the WI magazine, which is part of the subscription and is delivered to each subscriber’s home eight times a year.

PRESS REPORTS – Our secretary sends reports of meetings and activities to local organisations and newspapers.

COUNTRY MARKETS – These are held at Doncaster, Holmfirth, Penistone, Sheffield and Tickhill. Tel 01302 855379 or email
or visit website: for details.



Archived Info



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Mechanics Institute News

Friday, December 18th, 2009


The Mechanics Institute was built in about 1822 by Viscount Milton (later Earl Fitzwilliam) as a place of learning for his estate workers. Although the former library in the building has now been removed, the Mechanics Institute remains the focal point of community activities in the village.