The Mausoleum

Rockingham Mausoleum

Situated in Mausoleum Wood near the hamlet of Nether Haugh. Commissioned in 1783 by the 4th Earl Fitzwilliam in memory of his uncle Charles 2nd Marquis of Rockingham (whose body is actually in York Minster). Architect John Carr of York designed the three-storeyed building, 90ft high.

The ground floor and enclosed hall is solid and square containing a statue of the 2nd Marquis by Nollekens and casts of the original fine busts of eight of his closest friends. Above this level, an open colonnade with an arcade of Corinthian columns surrounding an empty sarcophagus. The third level is a cupola resembling a Roman temple.

Open to the public on Sunday afternoons between 2-5pm between Spring Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday only. Parties catered for on request to the Estate Office, Wentworth.

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One Response to “The Mausoleum”

  1. john frost Says:

    I remember when i worked on the estate in the woods department mr guy canby asked me to paint the iron raillings around the mausoleum there were around 750 i believe and all had to be rubbed down and undercoated before painting so i spent many pleasant hours at the mausoleum then i found out another estate worker had done the same job many many years before his name was thomas salkald who is buried in the old church yard in the village.John frost