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Hoober Stand

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Designed in the 18th century by Henry Flitcroft, situated on the highest ridge in the Wentworth area (some 157m above sea level) and commanding fine views all around from the viewing platform at the top of the Stand after climbing the 155 internal stone steps. Of pyramid construction, roughly 30m high and almost devoid of architectural ornamentation on its exterior but with the true dignityof 18th century craftsmanship revealed inside.

Open to the public on Sunday afternoons between 2-5pm between Spring Bank Holiday and 30th September only. Parties catered for on request to the Estate Office, Wentworth.

The Stand itself was built in 1747-8 to commemorate defeat of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745, when the 1st Marquis (then plain Thomas Watson Wentworth) fought on the side of King George II. In recognition of his contribution, the King elevated Wentworth to Marquis, and the new Marquis decided to build the 30 metre tower to show his gratitude.

The inscription above the doorway reads:-

This pyramidall building was erected by his Majestys most dutiful subject Thomas Marquess of Rockingham in grateful respect to the preserver of our religious laws and libertys King George the Second who, by the blessing of God having subdued a most unnatural rebellion in Britain anno 1746 maintains the balance of power and settles a just and honourable peace in Europe 1748

The tower is built in the shape of a tapering pyramid topped with a hexaganol lantern. The design creates the illusion that the building is toppling over and the lantern at the top seems to move depending on your viewing angle. Rest assured though, this is a very solid piece of construction and is well worth a visit.

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