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Jubilee Gala


Living History Weekend

Cathedral Camps are looking for 10-15 volunteers (16-25 year olds) to help run the 'Living History' weekend (13th-14th June), organised in conjunction with the Sealed Knot, recreating life in the 17th Century. It's being run at the Old Trinity Church; and a re-enactment will run each day from 10am to 4pm. There will be a band of musicians on site to entertain visitors and on 14th there will a display by an award winning local author.

Young people (16-25 years) are needed to help on the day:

  • Setting up in the morning and pack up in the evening.
  • Stewarding the event - momnitoring visitor numbers ( with clicker) and signing visitor book/questionaires to provide data to improve event.
  • Manning refreshments - cold drinks etc.
  • Handing out flieres in the village to encourage visitors (with costumed re-enactors in attendance)
  • Helping to man our supporters scheme display
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Wentworth Old Church Events

The Churches Conservation Trust is organising a number of events at the Old Church over the coming months. Click here for details.

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The Wentworth Area

Surrounded by the industrial towns of South Yorkshire, it is remarkable that Wentworth village and the surrounding area have escaped any major development over the last two hundred years. Compare our 1855 map with a modern map of the area and, with the exception of the "new" church (1877), you will find very few changes.

This preservation of the village and surrounding countryside is due in a large part to the efforts over the years of Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates and, more recently, the village Amenity Trust. These bodies still own most of the land and buildings in the area and do an excellent job of maintaining a traditional rural environment in the heart of one of the most densely populated parts of the country.

Perhaps more important still is the part played by the local community in preserving the character of the area. Many of the residents, some of whose families have been in the area for generations, still work in agricultural and the traditional village industries. They, and others who now work outside the village, continue to take an active role in the life of the area through organisations such as the Parish Council, Parochial Church Council, Wentworth Village Community Association and Wentworth Womens Institute.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, we hope you find something of interest in these pages.

Wentworth News

Our community News and Events section features the latest news on events in the Wentworth area. We are happy to feature details of any events free of charge - please contact us with details.

Visitors to the area may wish to visit our Wentworth Sights page or our Introductory History feature. If you are interested in the ancestry of the Wentworth/Fitzwilliam families our Family Tree pages are worth a visit.

For full details of businesses in the Wentworth area, please check out our comprehensive Business Directory.

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Wentworth Books

A new book by Catherine Bailey about the history of the Fitzwilliam family and Wentworth Woodhouse is now available. It can be purchased on line from - click the link below for details.