Wentworth Womens Institute

Wentworth WI
Photo of members on our day out to Barnsdale Gardens in May this year

Wentworth Womens Institute meet every second Thursday in the month at The Mechanics Institute, Main Street, Wentworth (opposite the village car park) from 7.15pm.

Cost £27.00 for a 12 month subscription (includes 8 WI Life magazines), or £2.25 per visit (3 visits allowed in 12 months).

Gentlemen are very welcome to attend any meeting or go on any outing they might find interesting.

Refreshments are served at the end of each meeting. Outings and theatre visits are organised plus other social evenings.

For further details of any events contact Beryl Ambler on 01226 747516

Programme for 2008




Jun 12


D Huges

Jul 10

American Presidents Wives

M Kinsley

Aug 14

Social evening

Sep 11

What's in a Name

Prof. Melvyn Jones

Oct 9

AGM followed by a Mystery Night

Nov 13

Midwifery Memories

S Meadows

Dec 11

Christmas Party

An Arts and Craft Exhibition is to be on Monday 28 May 2007 10.30am to 4.00pm at the Mechanics Institute when paintings and craft items made by the members of Rockley Group will be on show. Refreshments will be on sale we are hoping to run a raffle and also to have a cake stall.

Christmas Party

Wentworth WI

Photo taken at our 2006 Christmas party - the theme was Old Time Music Hall. The Christmas Fairy is Mrs Susan Beedham, Postmistress for Wentworth village.

All About the WI

Wentworth WI was formed in 1985 and is part of the South Yorkshire Federation of Women.s Institutes (SYFWI) and the National Federation of Women.s Institutes (NFWI). In 2006 Wentworth had 61 members. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Wentworth Mechanics Institute, Main Street, Wentworth at 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm prompt start.

ACTIVITIES The Committee organises various functions during the year, which include outings, theatre trips and social evenings. We join in village activities and usually have a stall at any local charity fair to raise funds. Our ongoing Millennium Project is collecting litter, planting spring bulbs and keeping the footpaths clear in the Memorial Wood. We sited a litterbin on the back lane near the gate leading on to Hague Lane, which is emptied by local members.

MEETINGS The main part of the evening is a talk or demonstration (sometimes with hands on experience) preceded by some brief WI business. Members, on a rota basis, serve tea or coffee and biscuits

SUBSCRIPTIONS for 2007 is £26.00 which is shared between Wentworth WI, SYFWI and NFWI (includes 8 issues of the new magazine "WI Life" delivered direct to each member)

THE ROCKLEY GROUP Wentworth WI belongs to this group, which is made up of six other local WI.s. There is a group committee, formed from one WI, which is currently Wentworth. The committee consists of a Convener, a Secretary and Treasurer. They arrange a number of events including a President.s meeting. Each WI takes it in turn to organise the annual Group Rally, it is the turn of Thorpe Hesley to organise the Rally, which is on the 9th June at the Junior School, Thorpe Hesley.

SYFWI Acts as an umbrella for all the WI.s in South Yorkshire. Anne Fairclough is Federation Chairman and the Federation Secretary is Marilyn Jones who is based at the Federation office at Hall Cross Cottage, 5 Albion Place, Doncaster, DNI 2EG Telephone 01302 325829 Office hours Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 11 am . 3 pm. Within SYFWI there are several committees that arrange events and activities to cater for the needs and interests of members

NFWI is an even bigger umbrella for all the WI.s in England and Wales. Their office is in London, Tel: number 020 3719300 Web site http://www.womens-institute.org.uk

RESOLUTIONS on social and topical matters, submitted by individual WI.s in England and Wales are selected and discussed thoroughly at all levels. If carried at the national annual general meeting, they empower the WI to influence local or national policy making.

DENMAN COLLEGE is the WI's own residential college near Oxford. SYFWI, Rockley Group and Wentworth WI have bursaries for which members can apply. Members can choose a course from a very wide variety of different subjects from the college programme. Denman College is now open for holidays for members and non-members.

ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) is a worldwide organisation to which the NFWI belongs. Each WI donates small amounts to ACWW (coins for friendship collection box out at each meeting) and this money is used to help under privileged women in third world countries.

WI PUBLICATIONS These include News n Views SYFWI monthly newsletter and the WI's own national magazine WI Life, which is shortly to be delivered to each subscriber's home. Our Magazine Secretary is Pam Chappell who will be pleased to show you a copy.

PRESS REPORTSJennifer Brunskill or Beryl Ambler send reports of meetings and activities to local organisations and newspapers.

COUNTRY MARKETS These are held at Penistone on Thursday mornings and at Doncaster, Sheffield and Tickhill on Friday mornings

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