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Best Kept Village Award

Hambledon Productions present

"An Apple a Day"

Written by John Hewer

Welcome to the sleepy village of Pullham Down, population twenty-seven and a half (not including the sheep), currently all in the care of Doctor Lothanial Ostrich. Enter the young, robust and recently graduated Doctor Scott Free. Accustomed to the modern world, he's bound to stir up some trouble... Add to this a gaggle of madcap villagers and a bucketful of fake blood, "An Apple a Day" is a non-stop slapstick, farcical experience that has been prescribed to tickle your funny-bone!

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  • EPPiC Theatre, Eccelsfield
  • Sunday 20 July, 7.30pm
  • Tickets: £5
  • Box Office: 01472 388019

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